Updating A Stale Workspace

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The modern office has changed considerably from its counterparts in the days of the corner office and cubicle hell. Gone is the dull, the drab and the boring, as is isolationist policies that keep workers in little boxes. No matter how innovative your organisation, a bad working environment will be detrimental to workers and off-putting to clients. The furniture choices you make can have a huge impact on the way you are perceived- so here’s some tips.

Keeping it future-proof.

Firstly, no matter how stylish and novel your office right now, trends change .So even if you invest in quality and fairly future proof pieces, know that the working environment around you will change. Try to stay on top of the basics of all trends to keep your offices looking good.

You can design for change to a certain extent, too. When you first shop for your office furniture and layout, stop and consider how future growth will affect the company, and where and how you would like to alter your space to match. The more forethought goes into the design, the easier the upheavals of expansion will be.

Remember that the modular office is in. Opt for furniture which you can move fairly easily, and which can be easily reconfigured for new projects or impromptu meetings. Even the modern cubicle design can be reconfigured easily enough, especially if you opt for lower, more personable heights. You can even get modular conference tables that can be reconfigured to suit needs and audience.

Communication and ideas must flow.

The modern office is open plan, which facilitates easy communication and shared ideas as well as airflow. This has its downsides too, as noise sensitive individuals and jobs could be affected by louder sections, so be sure to balance needs carefully. Ergonomic furniture designs will keep staff happier and more productive, and will serve you better in the long run as it will reduce workplace complaints and keep absenteeism to a minimum.

Don’t be afraid to venture away from neutrals- although the warm neutral itself remains a firm favorite- into the world of brighter, more interesting colors. Wood is seen as more of an accent then a dominant theme at the moment.

Be wary of being too trendy.

Despite our talk about trends, remember that it’s wise not to be too trendy. You want to have an office you can still bear to work in in a few years’ time. Yes, you should encourage and adapt to modern thinking about the workplace, but don’t opt for trends that will pass quickly and be forgotten. Timeless features are considered timeless for a reason.

Remember that the office décor and furniture you choose should reflect the modern office, but also the corporate culture and aims of your institution. Whether you desire glass, chrome and sleek lines or a more traditional feel, keep staff comfortable and ideas flowing through the workspace, and you will be well on your way to a comfortable, workable office solution.