It is perhaps sad that the number of people using cigarettes in the UK is so high however, one spot of good news is that over 2 million of those cigarette users are now using e-cigarettes as opposed to the more traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is good news because even though tests are still being carried out to determine if e-cigarettes have any health concerns with their use, they are without doubt far less harmful to health than the traditional ones.

With tobacco cigarettes, it was found out that when being smoked they offered risks to the health of the people around a smoker as well as to the smoker themselves. In response to this discovery, smoking in many public places was prohibited and smokers were, at times, made to feel as if they had become social outcasts. It is perhaps for this reason that today, many smokers are trying to quit smoking but that is not as easy as it may seem to a non-smoker.

Although it has long been known that it is the over 4000 chemicals released in the smoke of a tobacco cigarette and not the nicotine which creates the biggest health risks, the nicotine is addictive and so therefore a smoker finds it hard to stop as their body craves the nicotine. E-cigarettes although coming in many different flavours, do usually contain some nicotine and the amount is often enough to quell the need of smokers.

An e-cigarette though does not produce those other 4000 chemicals and so does not provide the same risks to health. As no actual risk has yet been attached to the vapours which are given off by e-cigarettes, they are still acceptable to be used in social environments and therefore have not as yet, been prohibited from use anywhere. The best e cig UK has to offer, as well as other e-cigarette makers is therefore expecting their sales to continue to grow. As more smokers decide to switch to e-cigarettes, the environment in the UK can only improve and the social impact will also be beneficial.

Even though the makers of e-cigarettes do not claim that by using their product a smoker will be able to stop smoking, they do say that a smoker could use them for temporary relief whilst at social functions or whilst in public buildings. Surveys have shown though that when many smokers do use e-cigarettes for temporary relief, they can in fact stop using tobacco cigarettes completely, depending only on the e-cigarettes to extinguish their cravings for nicotine.

It is believed that in these instances where people have been able to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes, eventually, as the nicotine level is not so high, they may even be able to rid themselves of using any cigarettes at all and that of course would be even better, especially for the ex-smoker as they will find themselves with considerably more cash in their pockets without the need for continuously having to pay for one type of cigarette or another.