Aerating Ponds

4100jewelry Aerating Ponds

If you have a pond on your land and it perhaps seems a little lifeless, it is probably because the pond needs aerating. Aerating is a term used for adding air to the water. As the air has a 22% content of oxygen, when you add air to the water it will recharge the water with the oxygen needed to sustain life. Generally it is difficult for a pool of water 6’or deeper, to keep itself supplied with enough oxygen to sustain a healthy existence and so any waters or ponds deeper than 6’need some assistance in obtaining oxygen.

Basically the problem is that the oxygen in a pond is used by fish and plants that thrive at the bottom of the pond but the oxygen in the water is only replenished at the surface and so that life, existing at the bottom of the pond become starved of the oxygen they need and start to die off. Signs that a pond on your land needs aerating are fish seemingly gagging for breathe at the surface, an unusual amount of algae in the pond and a general look of lifelessness.

A quality pond aerator can come in several forms, either diffused aerators or surface aerators. The diffused aerators consist of a system where water enters the pond from the bottom and aerates the water as it moves to the surface whilst a surface aerator can come in the form of a decorative fountain or a propeller among others.

Of these systems, probably the most efficient and effective is the diffused system as it regenerates the whole water. These systems come with three parts, a diffuser, a water pump and a hose but there are several different ones or combinations that you can use so it is probably best to consult with a supplier to learn just what are available and the different implications of each. Usually the different parts to a diffused aeration system will come in kit form and these kits can provide for different sizes of ponds and so it is obvious that you will need to know the size of your pond when talking to your supplier in order that they can give you the best possible advice.

Sometimes, during periods when shallow waters freeze over and become covered in ice, even ponds that are less than 6’ deep, may need aeration systems fitted even if they are not necessarily needed all year long, only seasonally.

Ponds on a property can add a touch of elegance and can be a perfect talking point as well as a decorative addition to your garden but only if they are well managed. A healthy pond will thrive with life, both with vegetation around its fringes and at the bottom, plus possibly with fish as they swim to and throw where as an unhealthy pond can very quickly become an eyesore with excessive algae and fish barely moving just floating near the surface, gasping to catch breath. Although fountains may not be as effective as diffused systems, they can add to the beauty of a healthy pond.